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[16 Oct 2020|08:59am]


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[16 Oct 2019|10:10am]


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[16 Oct 2012|10:04am]

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I like a lot of things, including sleeping until noon, spreading peanut butter on pizza, drunk video gaming, wine in general, also whiskey, baking delicious delicious treats for friends, making ugly things pretty, and writing. Also music, television, and swimming. Sometimes I sew, but this usually ends in disaster.

I work an 8-5 deskjob as a graphic designer, so I spend the bulk of my day sitting on my butt in front of a computer. This, coupled with my Chronic Immediate Email Response Syndrome (CIERS), means that I tag fairly frequently. I also have a horrific memory, so I tag as soon as I get a notif otherwise we'll be waiting weeks and that's no fun.

My favorite passtime is trolling the BioWare fandoms for fun and profit because they take themselves way too seriously. Then again, I take them way too seriously, too. So I suppose when I troll everyone I'm also trolling myself and there's a vicious cycle of psychological trolling afoot.

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[16 Oct 2012|08:30am]

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[15 Oct 2012|10:09am]


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